Tentative calendar, Fall 2016

Date Topic
Aug 25 About the Course
Aug 30 Introduction
The Data Analysis Cycle, and the Filesystem
Sep 01 Typical Work Style
The typical way of (NOT) doing things
Sep 06 Reproducibility Notions I
What does it mean? Fundamental Notions
Sep 08 Reproducibility Notions II
Sep 13 Reproducibility Crisis 1
Reinhart and Rogoff fiasco
Sep 15 Reproducibility Crisis 2
The Potti scandal
Sep 20 Traditional Scientific Publishing
What's wrong with Scientific Publishing?
Sep 22 Open Science and Make Basics
Open Science and automating things with Makefile
Sep 27 Dynamic Documents 1
Dynamic Documents with R
Sep 29 Dynamic Documents 2
Dynamic Documents and Regression Analysis
Oct 04 Sharing Code and Functions
Sharing Code and Writing Functions
Oct 06 More
More on Sharing Code and Testing Functions
Oct 11 Licenses for Media
Creative Commons Licenses
Oct 13 Licenses for Code
More on Sharing Code and Testing Functions
Oct 18 Sharing Data 1
Simple ways to share your data
Oct 20 Sharing Data 2
Principles for Open Data in Science
Oct 25 Sharing Data 3
Organizing data in spreadsheets
Oct 27 Regression Methods
No assigned reading (no presentation)
Nov 01 Tidy Data
Getting data ready to be analyzed
Nov 03 Collaboration
Cultivating Open Science and Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration
Nov 08 Communication
Better figures and oral presentations
Nov 10 Wrapping Up
Reproducible Computational Research