HW assignments are to be turned in during lab

HW Due Topic
1 Jan 27 HW1 - Variables
2 Feb 3 HW2 - Histograms
3 Feb 10 Ch-4: B5, D8, E4, Rev6,9
Ch-5: C1, D1, E3, Rev7,10
4 Feb 17 Ch-8: B6,8,9, Rev9
Ch-9: A10, B2, E3, Rev4,8
5 Feb 24 Ch-10: A2,4, C4, Rev3,4
Ch-11: B1,2, C1
6 Mar 2 Ch-11: Rev4,7,
Ch-12: Rev3,4,5,6,7
7 Mar 9 Ch-13: Rev2,4,7,8,9
Ch-14: Rev1,3,5,6,9
8 Apr 6 Ch-16: A6, B2, Rev4,9
Ch-17: A1, B2, C1, D1, E1, Rev2
Ch-18: B3, B5, C5, Rev2
9 Apr 13 Ch-19: Rev5,7
Ch-20: A4, B3, Rev3,4,6
10 Apr 20 Ch-21: C5, R2,7
Ch-23: A2,5, C2, R4,10
11 Apr 27 Ch-26: B5, C1, F1, F7, R2,5,7,8