Gaston Sanchez

I'm a statistician, data scientist, and lecturer in the Department of Statistics, at UC Berkeley. I tend to spend my time around:

  • multivariate methods for exploring, analyzing, and visualizing data in a context of multiple variables and high dimensionality,
  • the use of graphical displays to understand data with visualization,
  • topics about computational reproducibility and open science,
  • and helping researchers and scientists analyze their data.

This website is my personal space where I try put in order all my work. If you find any valuable resources here (which I'm pretty sure you will) please consider helping me with my wishlist .



Some of the courses I've taught in the Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley.

  • Stat 2: Introduction to Statistics
  • Stat 20: Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • Stat 131A: Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Life Scientists
  • Stat 133: Concepts in Computing with Data
  • Stat 154: Modern Statistical Prediction and Machine Learning
  • Stat 159: Reproducible and Collaborative Statistical Data Science
  • Stat 243: Introduction to Computational Statistics


I'm a passionate R user as well as developer and maintainer of several R packages. All the code is available in my github repositories.

  • plspm provides a toolkit exclusively dedicated to Partial Least Squares Path Modeling (PLS-PM) analysis.
  • plsdepot a set of tools for performing Partial Least Squares (PLS) analysis of one or two data tables.
  • pathmox is dedicated to the Pathmox approach for obtaining segmentation trees in Partial Least Squares Path Modeling (PLS-PM) analysis.
  • arcdiagram is a minimalist package to help you plot pretty arc diagrams in R.
  • colortools is designed to help users generate color schemes and color palettes.
  • matrixkit is an R package that provides a first aid kit for some matrix operations commonly used in multivariate data analysis methods.
  • turner provides a set of handy functions to turn vectors (and lists of vectors) into other indexed data structures.
  • tester provides human readable functions to test characteristics of some common R objects.
  • cointoss is a toy package with simple functions for simulating tossing a coin.


Slides of some of my talks.



Occasionally, I like to talk about data analysis, visualization, statistics, R and related stuff in my blog Data Analysis Visually EnfoRced.