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Beamer for GDWR slides

Posted on November 04, 2014

In this post I’m sharing one of the style files from my small collection of beamer slides.

Beamer Themes

In a couple of previous posts I’ve talked about my repulsion to the the typical beamer themes that so many people in academia use to create slides and presentations (see figure below).

There are several reasons why I don’t like such themes: they tend to be very cluttered with most of the secondary elements taking so much screen space; and their color palettes are not my favorite.

Early this year I chose to create my first style which I applied to produce “Getting Data from the Web with R”. My inspiration was Karl Broman’s helpful post: better-looking LaTeX/Beamer slides.

A couple of readers asked me if I could share the source code that I used to produce the slides of GWDR. I know I haven’t been very diligent in answering their petition… but finally I have found some free time to prepare the following sample files. Keep in mind that I use RStudio with "knitr" to make my slides.

  • Beamer .sty file here
  • R Noweb .Rnw file here
  • Sample slides .pdf file here

Hopefully next time (i.e. next year) I decide to write about my beamer style-guide, I will provide detailed descriptions for the different elements in my slides.

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