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Star Wars Arc Diagram

Posted on February 03, 2013

The following content is a supplement post for my other post: Arc Diagrams in R: Les Miserables

Arc Diagrams Motivation

I don’t know for sure when was the first time I saw the Similar Diversity arc diagram by Philipp Steinweber and Andreas Koller (it must have been somewhere at the end of 2009 or at the beginning of 2010).

Anyway, the important thing is that I was immediately amazed by all the different features beautifully displayed in such a diagram. My obvious reaction was quite simple: How the hell did they do it?

Star Wars Project

In the summer of last year (2012) I decided that it was time for me to try to do my own version of an arc diagram… in R. I had one single goal in mind: to get a visualization like Similar Diversity. Instead of using the holy books of the main religions in the world, I set a much more modest goal and try having fun with the Star Wars movie scripts. The main result of that project is this image:

More details about this project: R code (github)

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