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Catching errors when using tolower

Posted on May 29, 2012

When I’m working in R with text data parsed from online opinion forums and social webs (e.g. twitter), I need to do some cleaning and pre-processing such as removing punctuation marks, striping extra white spaces, or converting text to lower case.

More often than not, when using the tolower() function I encounter myself with a really annoying error that is a truly pain in the butt.

Consider the following example. Let’s say we have the text from a tweet in an object called some_text. When we print the object in the console, we get a warning message (in red) like this: So, how can we solve this error? Meet the tryCatch function! This function will help us to catch possible errors. We’ll make a new function combining tryCatch() and tolower() so we can identify any undesirable text  without returning any ugly message and without stopping our programs.

Here’s my tryTolower() function

tryTolower = function(x)
   # create missing value
   # this is where the returned value will be
   y = NA
   # tryCatch error
   try_error = tryCatch(tolower(x), error = function(e) e)
   # if not an error
   if (!inherits(try_error, "error"))
      y = tolower(x)

Let’s test it

Suppose you have a character vector with five elements

# vector with text
text_vector = c(
  "Motivation, philosophy and technique in activism. #Assange and #Occupy: via @RT_com",
  "No work today, slept through the classes I wanted at the gym. Now I need to find something to occupy my time \ud83d\udc4d\ud83d\ude09",
  "RT @jdavis4100: The Spirit of God and fear never occupy the same space. The presence of one automatically implies the absence of the other...",
  "Police given powers to enter homes and tear down anti- #Olympics posters during Games #Occupy #Anonymous #wakeup #fb",
  "RT @OccupyWallSt: RT @WSOASP12: I quit my job to join the occupy movement. Time to stand up and speak out, I'm not here to make another man rich @Occupy #OWS")

# apply tolower (you should get an error message)

# now apply tryTolower with sapply
# (you should get a missing value when tryTolower finds an error) 
sapply(text_vector, function(x) tryTolower(x))

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